Mundy Township History

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The Petition for a new Township was approved by the State Legislature on March 3, 1837. This was the same year that Michigan became a state. The name of Mundy was chosen in honor of Edward A. Mundy, then Lieutenant Governor of Michigan.

Our early settlers held their first organizational meeting on April 3, 1837 at the home of Dr. Josiah Alger. There were 18 votes cast to elect the first Board, comprised of sixteen members.

In 1840, there were 89 votes cast to elect the Board, attesting to the rapid influx of residents.

The Township Board of Trustees are made up of seven members (Supervisor, Clerk, Treasurer and Four Trustees) serving over 14,800 residents. Their purpose is to efficiently provide the infrastructure necessary for the convenience of the present day living standards in a cost effective manner and to improve the quality of life for existing residents and welcoming new residents.

Today, Mundy Township consists of a mix of commercial, small industry development, but the majority of our land is made up of residential and farm land. The Township's convenient location to nearby expressways I-75, I-69, and US 23 along with Bishop International Airport has made this an attractive area for growth.

The goal of the Township is to maintain a quality standard for residential development and has been responsible for this area being one of the most desirable and premier locations to establish a home.


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