Public Notices



Please refer to this page for updates, should they arise. If you have any questions or concerns regarding the public notices that you see here, please do not hesitate to contact the Mundy Township Clerk at 810-655-4631 x223 or 224.

Drop Box Available

Mundy Township has a drop box available for incoming Township mail and payments only. No public out going mail receptacle is available.

Trash & Recycling Schedule

All material for pickup must be at the curb side by 6am.  Recycling is picked up bi-weekly on your regular trash day.
For the current trash / recycling schedule, see this link.

Yard Waste Material

Compost collection starts on the first week in April and ends the last week of November. All material for pickup must be at the curb side by 6 am. All collections will be on your regularly scheduled trash day except for holidays.  Collection will be delayed one day on those holidays.

  • Yard waste must be separated from normal trash and never put in plastic bags.

  • Yard waste must be put into one of the following containers:

    • A brown paper yard waste bag (available at local stores)

    • A 32 gallon or smaller refuse container with an "X" facing the road

    • And must weigh no more than 50 pounds

  • Branches under 2 inches in diameter must be cut and tied in bundles under 50 pounds and under 4 foot in length

  • Smaller twigs can either be bundled or mixed with yard waste

If you have any questions please call the Township Supervisor's Office at 810-655-4631, ext. 228
or Republic Services at 800-438-0966

Recyclable Items


Place papers in brown paper bags or bundle and tie with string. Phone books, magazines, and glossy newspaper inserts are acceptable.


Clean corrugated cardboard must be bundled and tied in two foot squares, not exceeding a thickness of one foot.


#1 PETE and #2 HDPE plastic should be rinsed clean with cap removed. No motor oil, anti-freeze, or cooking oil containers please. Recycle symbols are normally found on the bottom of containers which may come in all shapes and sizes.


Tin and aluminum cans, clean with labels removed. These items may be flattened to conserve space in your container.

Glass is now accepted with recycling. It must be clear glass, labels removed and cleaned out. Green and brown glass will NOT be accepted.

Emergency Cell Phone Donations

The FCC has mandated that all out of service cell phones must still have the capability of contacting 9-1-1.

Mundy Township Police Department is accepting donations of old cell phones and chargers. These cell phones will be distributed to Mundy Township senior citizens or other residents who can prove a need for the benefit of having an emergency contact (9-1-1) available.

Eyeglass/Optical Donations

The Township office has a drop box available for used eyewear sponsored by a local organization, you may drop them off during our normal business hours, 8 am to 6 pm Monday through Thursday.

Burning Permit

You must obtain a burning permit, for any kind of outdoor fire. This includes "outdoor fireplaces", limbs that have fallen from trees, etc. For more information, see the Fire Department's portion of the web site.

Weed Control

Contact the Charter Township of Mundy's Building Department for weed complaints.