Dog License

Genesee County Animal Control's  new rules effective Dec. 1, 2012 for licenses- Tags are purchased based on rabies vaccination due dates.  They are available for one year or three years. Proof of current Rabies vaccination is required. All exceptions on paperwork or dates must be issued at the County level. Should you have any questions call 810-655-4631 ext: 232 or 227 for further information. Or visit the web-sites of Genesee County Treasurer's Office or Genesee County Animal Control for more detail. If purchasing the license(s) at the Township, cash or check are accepted as payment. Checks should be  payable to:Charter Township of Mundy.

Dog License tags are available at the Township from December through August each year. Any time outside of those dates Licenses are issued  at the County level and are available at  Genesee County Animal Control 810-732-1660 or Genesee County Treasurer's office 810-257-3054.  They are also available year round at the County Offices.  If you need a replacement tag, regardless of where your tag was purchased it must be obtained at Genesee County Treasurer's Office.


-Spayed/Neutered 1 year $10.00-3 year $25.00
-Unaltered 1 year $30.00-3 year $80.00
-Delinquent 1 year $50.00-3 year $100.00 and must be purchased through Animal Control.