Water and Sewer FAQ's

As a resident of Mundy Township, there are several things that you should know regarding your sewer and water billing.

Q. How often will I be billed and when are the due dates?

A. The quarterly billings are sent out for sewer and water usage, your utility charges are billed in arrears by Mundy Township and are mailed on the first day of the month and due by the 15th of the same month.


Q. What if I have sewer and connected to water services?

A. You will be billed quarterly for water usage, in addition to the sewer.


Q. What if I have sewer service only?

A. You will be billed quarterly, a flat charge of $90.90.


Q. Who "reads" the water meters?

A. Mundy Township has installed a new meter reading system.  This new system manufactured by Sensus Corp., will enable the township to read your water meter remotely.


Q. Who prepares the sewer and water bills?

A. Mundy Township. 


Q. Is there anything else that I should be aware of pertaining to my bill?

A. Residents are billed in one of three (3) cycles. This is dependent on the location of the residents' property. The cycle sequence is in letter format (QA, QB, and QC) and is under cycle on your bill.


Q. I am confused about the billing in "three cycles", please explain.

A. Cycle "QA" billings are: February, May, August and November. Cycle "QB" billings are: March, June, September and December. Cycle "QC" billings are: January, April, July and October.